Health & Safety Policy

Lockdown Security Specialists consider the Health and Safety at work of all its employees to be a major factor of its operation. The Proprietor therefore regards the promotion of Health and Safety as a primary objective. People are our most important asset and it is sound commercial practice to fulfil our legal and moral obligations and to take proper care of the Health and Safety of our employees.

The principle objective of the Company’s Health and Safety Policy is to ensure that all our employees perform their respective duties and functions without undue risk to their Health and Safety. To this end, it is our intention to maintain and provide a working environment that is safe and practical without risk to health, and to ensure there are adequate systems and methods of work. In addition, it is also the objective of the Company’s Health and Safety Policy to promote a greater awareness amongst all employees in Health and Safety matters and to ensure all employees have sufficient instructions, training and supervision in order to carry out their work safely and efficiently.

All levels of management are responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented throughout the organisation, providing information, instruction and training as is necessary for the promotion of Health and Safety within their respective areas of responsibility.

Instrumental in the achievement of the Company’s Health and Safety Policy is the need for cooperation amongst all employees, at all levels to ensure that the Company can achieve its overall policy objective.

The Company requires its employees to take a responsible attitude towards Health and Safety and do all that they can to minimise the possibility of any accident or incident occurring.

All employees have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act to take reasonable care regarding the Health and Safety of themselves and others, and that they are aware of and cooperate with the implementation of the Company policy, its procedures and all the relevant statutory documents and codes of practice to ensure a safe working environment.