Lockdown Security Specialists

Professional Security & Dog Handling in Rochdale and throughout the North of England.


Lockdown Security Specialists Limited now deliver stategic and cost effective Covid-19 secure Marshalls and Social Distancing control staff to business premises, banks & retail centres including outlets and supermarkets across the United Kingdom.


Security Dogs & Dog Handlers

Lockdown Security Specialists can provide security dogs and handlers at short notice or on a contract basis. With an around the clock alarm response team, fully licensed professional dog handlers and dogs trained in obedience, guard safety, sleeve work and tracking, Lockdown can meet all your needs and help ensure the safety of your business.

Event Security

Crowd control and organisation is a major concern at some events and we can help you to protect your customers and ensure smooth-running at all times.

We can provide security stewards for VIP events, cricket and football matches, horse racing, exhibitions, concerts and music festivals. We can provide the right teams to maximise security and crowd control.

Member of security guard team working on public event, unrecognizable male person from behind

24/7 Rapid Response

Lockdown Security Specialists operate 24/7 response units, with fully licensed professional security dog handlers, the dogs have been trained in obedience, guard safety, sleeve work and tracking. This service adds additional field support to all Lockdown’s security personnel on the ground.

Alarm Response & Keyholding

Our trained security guards will attend your premises in the event of alarm activation. They will carry out a full external and internal patrol of the site as detailed by the comprehensive site assignment.
If emergency remedial repairs are required, and subject to pre-authorisation by you, we can arrange for these repairs to be carried out. We can either use a contractor from our approved contractor database, with agreed pre-authorisation spend limits, or a nominated contractor of your choice.

Static Guards

Plain clothes or high profile uniformed personnel, Lockdown offers clients the choice to support in-house teams or provide full manned guarding services.
Assignments are arranged with no disruption to your core activities and incorporate monitored access control, CCTV and search routines, using electronic detection equipment if required and/or necessary.

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