Security Dogs & Dog Handlers

Our specialist dog unit transportation means we are able to work in locations throughout the UK.

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With an around the clock alarm response team, fully licensed professional dog handlers and dogs trained in obedience, guard safety, sleeve work and tracking, Lockdown can meet all your needs and help ensure the safety of your business. Our dogs cover all types of security assignments; a well trained security dog team can be the ultimate deterrent and cost effective, and can often replace several static guards, or complement your existing team.


Assignments that dog teams are often used on
and are most effective for include:

  • Industrial units
  • Building sites
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Special events (film premieres, festivals, TV outside broadcasts)
  • Close protection team support unit
  • Celebrity protection support unit
  • Mobile patrols
  • Local Authority contracts (council properties vulnerable to vandalism)

Key Benefits for using
security dog handlers:

  • Increased deterrent
  • Highly effective in high risk situations
  • Highly cost effective (1 dog/Handler = Approx 3 static guards)
  • Ability to work in remote/hostile locations
  • Increased ability to detect intruders
  • Work better than humans in adverse conditions (poor light)
  • Dog/Handler highly trained
  • Receive continuation training
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